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For over 30 years we have been designing and building automatic machines for packaging with polyethylene thermo-shrink film.
Over the years our matured experience has allowed us to amplify the range of our products integrating the design and construction of each single machine with automatic loading and unloading of the products, carton/ box constructors and any other automation requested by our customers.
The machines are constructed, assembled and tested in our company where we develop special research projects for the satisfaction of our customers.
A simple and robust construction makes our machines easy to use and reliable over time.
The over 800 packaging lines installed and the numerous special production lines are proff of the trust given to us by our clientele.

Our production

wrappixel kit
Automatic machines for packaging with polyethylene thermo-shrink film
wrappixel kit
Conveyor belts, transports on motorized rollers
wrappixel kit
Moulding cardboard machines.
wrappixel kit
Special automations on request.

Automatic machines for packaging with polyethylene thermo-shrink film

For over 30 years we have been designing and constructing automatic packaging machines for use with polyethylene thermo-shrink film.
As we do not have a standardized production, all our machines are made to the specifics supplied by our customers.
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How can we determine which type of machine would be suitable for your specific demands?
First of all we need to know if you need to obtain a completely closed package with heat sealed film as in Fig. 1. or with perforated film as in Fig. 2. In the first case you would need a machine able to contain a reel with a height equal to the width of the the product plus twice its height.In the second case you would need a machine able to contain a reel with a height equal to the width of the the product plus once its height.


Conveyor belts, transport on motorized rollers

We Design and build:

  • transport with ribbon made of fiber, acetal chain and stainless (food sector)
  • chain driven motorized roller
  • roller conveyors
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Cardboard moulding machines

Packaging machines designed and constructed for the use of a single type of packaging material for all formats, both in length and width. The machines allow us, through the use of a strip of corrugated cardboard, to save on the costs of the material used to pack the products and also protecting the finished product on all sides and on the corners making it also look neat and tidy. Created for the packaging of wooden flooring, they can also be adapted to other products depending on the demands and necessities of the customer.Characteristics of the machine:

  • Fully automatic format regulation with the use of PLC.
  • Height of the package: from 60 to 200 mm.
  • Length : from 400 mm to over 3000mm.
  • Manual feed by an operator or automatic.
  • Width of the package 100 mm to 450 mm.
  • Special production on request.
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Special automations on request

We realize machines and plants on request for the end user, plants for internal transportation, transport on motorized rollers and conveyor belts.

  • Drying cabins for aluminium radiators after the testing baths.
  • Pallet loader: automatic system for the unloading of packs containing wooden flooring from the packaging line.
  • Elevator: multi floored oven fir drying aluminium radiators with elevators at the entrance and exit of the oven.
  • Moulding machine for cardboard boxes. From a flat piece of die-cut cardboard it creates a box. See photo 4 for the final results.
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